About the Warehouse

Hi, welcome the Warehouse of Trinkets. Here you have our information in the classic FAQ format:

What is this?

The Warehouse is a place for free internet content, mainly video games and RPG material. I'm not the owner of this files (except the ones that say so, like the RPG prototype Wacky Love). I only look for interesting content online and then make a review about it, with the link for download.

This may be obvious to most of you, but it's easier to repeat it: The content I link to here is free because the author/s want it to be free. This are not illegal downloads. This site won't make commercial content available through illegal means.

So, everything here is free?

Yes it is. The authors of this content released it for free online. Until they say otherwise, it's free.

"Free" usually means "I made this last weekend, so I can't really sell it".

Don't think like that! Only the best makes its way to the Warehouse. Only reviews of well-done, actually usable content will be published. Some of this may be glitchy or have horrible grammar, but you can play this games. I did, or I wouldn't write about them.

I have a free video game/RPG/web series/etc. Will you make a review of it?

I can't promise anything. Send me links to your work and if it's good I'll talk about it here. Send all your mails to: thewarehouseoftrinkets@gmail.com

And who are you?

I'm the Storeman. I work the inventory and make sure the items pass the required quality tests (that usually means "play the game a lot"). I like to talk over the counter and will babble your ear off if you give me half a chance.

I live in Argentina, so English is not my first language. Hope whatever ends up here is good enough to read.

Contact Info: thewarehouseoftrinkets@gmail.com

Now, don't waste more time. Go browse the shelves!


  1. Love the addition! This page adds a lot of substance to the Warehouse. While I'm here...


    This game fits your criteria quite nicely! Give it a shot if you can, I know I've enjoyed it.

    1. Checking out right now. Thanks for the support!